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Nicole Yurcaba
Blog Contributor

Nicole Yurcaba (Нікола Юрцаба) is a Ukrainian American of Hutsul/Lemko origin. A poet and essayist, her poems and reviews have appeared in Appalachian Heritage, Atlanta Review, Seneca Review, and Ukraine’s Euromaidan Press. Nicole holds an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University,  teaches poetry workshops for Southern New Hampshire University, and is the Humanities Coordinator at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. She also serves as a guest book reviewer for Sage Cigarettes, Tupelo Quarterly, Colorado Review, and Southern Review of Books.

Cid Galicia
Blog Contributor

Cid Galicia is a Mexican American poet who has been teaching in New Orleans for over the past decade. He graduated with his MFA summer 2023 through The University of Nebraska Omaha. He is a poetry editor for The Good Life Review, reader for The Kitchen Table Quarterly, and this year's FIRECRACKER Poetry Manuscript Awards. His work has appeared in The Indianapolis Review, The Watershed Review, The Elevation Review, Trestle Ties, South Broadway Press, Roi Faineant Press, The Letter Review, The Peauxdunque Review, and other journals. He was excited to attend the 2023 Summer Writing Residencies of Sundress Publications & The Kenyon Review Summer Writing Workshop.

Izzy Astuto
Blog Contributor

Izzy Astuto (he/they) is a writer majoring in Creative Writing at Emerson College, with a specific interest in screenwriting. When not in Boston for college, they live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His work has previously been published by Hearth and Coffin, Sage Cigarettes, and Renesme Literary, amongst others. He currently works as an intern for Sundress Publications, and a reader for journals such as hand picked poetry, PRISM international, and Alien Magazine. You can find more of their work on their website, at Their Instagram is izzyastuto2.0 and Twitter is adivine_tragedy. 

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Meet The Editors

Evan Wang

Evan Wang

王潇/Evan Wang (he/him) is a writer, performance artist, and was the first Youth Poet Laureate of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Kenyon Review, The JournalRHINO, Poet Lore, The Harvard AdvocateFrontier PoetryPigeon Pages, and elsewhere. He is a 2024 National YoungArts Winner in poetry, a 2024 Scholastic National Gold Medalist, the 2023 Jacklyn Potter Young Poet, and winner of the 2022 Button Poetry Short Form Poetry Contest and the 2024 Fugue Poetry Prize, selected by Divya Victor. Evan has performed his work at various venues such as the U.S. Department of Education, Oval XP, Love Park, the Miami Book FairKelly Writers House, and The Rotunda at the University of Pennsylvania. His work has been featured at and recognized by the White House, TEDx, NPR, WXPN, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Governor Josh Shapiro, and more.


Victoria Goff
Prose Editor

Victoria Goff (she/her) is a published author and recent graduate of Appalachian State University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English, with a concentration in creative writing. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Cold Mountain Review and The Peel, and she is a former nominee for the PEN Prize in new authors. Victoria’s passion for short fiction and poetry creates blended prose that celebrates the mundane—those majority pieces of life’s plot found through quiet car rides, tables in cafes, and cold walks home. When she isn’t writing at her favorite coffee shop, she is looking at the mountains, or cuddling her toothless cat, Stinker.


Annalisa Hansford
Poetry Editor

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Heath Joseph Wooten
Poetry Editor

Heath Joseph Wooten (he/him) is an object in northern Michigan who writes poems but spends most of his time pretending he is a kinder person than he is and recycling glass. He holds an MFA in poetry from Northern Michigan University, a BA in English from the University of Mississippi, and was selected for the Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Poets in 2020. You can find his work if you look hard enough.


Claire Daylo
Prose Editor


Valerie Hughes
Prose Editor

Valerie Hughes (she/her) lives in New York City.  She is a fiction writer and is currently working on a novel about re-exposure to trauma and the desire to gain control over the past through the present. She works as a daycare teacher and freelance proofreader. Find her on twitter and instagram @_valeriehughes. 


Angela Chen
Prose Editor


Caitlin Villacrusis
Poetry Editor

Caitlin Villacrusis is a Filipina-American poet based in Florida and a self-confessed pessimist. An Adroit Journal Poetry Mentee, her work has been recognized by Gigantic Sequins and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and is published or forthcoming in Bullshit Lit, COUNTERCLOCK Journal, and Sophon Lit. She can be found obsessing over Victoria Chang on Instagram @catrose2022, Twitter @caitlinvwrites, or at


Bella Rotker
Poetry Editor

Bella Rotker studies at Interlochen Arts Academy. Their work appears in JAKE, Full Mood Mag, Fifth Wheel Press, The Lumiere Review, Neologism, and Best American High School Writing, among others. When she's not writing or fighting the patriarchy, Bella's hanging out with friends, watching the lakes, and looking for birds.


Christopher Schwarting
Poetry Editor

Christopher Schwarting is a writer from Philadelphia. An alum of the Iowa Young Writers Studio and Kelly Writers House Workshop for Young Writers, his work has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and Rider University. He was a 2023 Adroit Journal mentee in poetry. When not writing, he can be found snacking on soft pretzels.

Annalisa Hansford (they/them) is a junior at Emerson College studying Creative Writing. Their poetry appears or is forthcoming in The West Review, The Lumiere Review, Ghost City Review, and Heavy Feather Review. They are the head poetry editor of The Emerson Review and the co-editor-in-chief of hand picked poetry. They are probably listening to Gracie Abrams or boygenius and drinking an iced vanilla matcha latte.

Claire Daylo is a Filipina-American writer from Washington state. Her work appears in Maudlin House and has been recognized by GASHER, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, and DePaul University. She’s a big fan of the absurd, Kafka, and David Lynch films. 

Angela Chen 心怡 (she/her) is a Shanghai-born writer presently in Providence. She thinks often of kumquats, cartilage, and her most beloved ones in this world. She happily researches reproductive cancer therapies and reads old poems at Brown. Her writing has been recognized by the New York Times, the Brown Literary Arts Department, Iowa Young Writers Studio, Scholastics Arts & Writing, Plexus, VISIONS, Sandpiper, and others.


Lael Watson
Prose Editor

Lael Watson (he/him) is a writer/procrastinator who currently resides on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. His work has been featured in The Leaping Fool, HALO, and Pangea. Lael grapples often with the inescapable paradox of writing: to speak of beauty is to dilute it. When he isn't scratching away, he can be found slipping down mountains or trudging up them.


Sanusi Aliu Abba
Social Media Manager

Sanusi Aliu Abba is Hausa. A storyteller, mastering the arts of writing, for both the former and the latter need each other to scratch the other party's back, to help us mirror and measure our lives, as humans. He has taken a bold step in sending out his works this year, for he considers stories as one of the priceless things we make as payment for the coming generations, to be. He is a law student at the faculty of Law, University of Lagos. He considers cooking his love language, a part of him shared to others, to feel his love.

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Sarkis Antonyan
Art Director

Sarkis Antonyan (he/him) is a poet, fine artist, and designer from Los Angeles, California who enjoys knitting and collecting frog sculptures. His work is published in Peach Magazine, Revolute, Olit, The Augment Review, Pollux Journal, and others. An alumnus of the 2022 Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, he is currently a dual degree student at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design.

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V Clark
Poetry Editor

V Clark is a researcher and writer based in mandaluyong, philippines. Their works have appeared in Sine Liwanag, Novice Magazine, Sinuman Magazine, Kino Punch, and in Paraluman: A Sapphic Zine.

Ebube Official Picture.jpg

Oluebube Ogoke
Prose Editor

Oluebube Ogoke is a writer, editor, and history nerd with a passion for the literary arts and their influence on cultural norms and societal values. With her background in law, Oluebube has developed a knack for ardent research on societal issues which are considered taboos. She is currently working on her first novel, which is themed around the treatment of divorced women in African societies. Find her on Instagram @oluebube and Twitter @OChinazor.


Olabisi Bello
Blog Contributor

Olabisi is a writer, editor, and lifelong learner with a passion for all things literary. She is a huge fan of crime fiction, coffee, and can almost always be found with her head buried in a book. When she's not writing, she's reading or listening to highlife music.

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