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Our Mission

At Hominum Journal, we see the writer and the body as indivisible. Beyond the anatomy of narrative, we believe that there is language deep within our bone marrow and muscle tissue. A language that reconciles the mind/body/spirit divide. A language that, when pushed beyond the physical, has the power to challenge, heal, and embody.


Under the direction of the current Editor-in-Chief Evan Wang, it is our mission to publish work that, in its attempt to look outward, looks inward as well. We are not tied to a particular aesthetic. Rather, we are looking for writing that comes from a space of honesty — whether that be through lived or inherited experiences. 


In the interest of accessibility, Hominum Journal is a literary magazine that solely publishes online quarterly (four times/year). We accept creative writing in the categories of prose, poetry, and screenplay, in addition to visual art.

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