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Erika Lynet Salvador

[Charcoal,-Monochromatic]-Dreaming-Flesh-I (2).jpg
[Charcoal,-Monochromatic]-Dreaming-Flesh-II (1).jpg
[Charcoal,-Monochromatic]-Dreaming-Flesh-III (1).jpg

Erika Lynet Salvador, born and raised a Filipina, is an incoming first-year at Amherst College. Her visual art, usually using oil, watercolor, and ink, are featured or will soon be featured in the *82Review, the 3Elements Literary Review, and the Madison Literary Journal for Literary Criticism. Additionally, she is the cover artist for select issues of the Remington Review and the Haunted Words Press Journal. She also explores film and phone photography from time to time and is an avid reader of free-verse poetry. See her art at @bodeganierika or

Essentially, these illustrations capture the essence of what I imagine my dreams as recorded in my dream journal to resemble. They appear chaotic because that mirrors the nature of my dreams—they're incredibly varied in both content and form. They're enjoyable yet weird, often characterized by their disorderliness and lack of coherence.

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