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Sam Duda

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Home is a feeling, not always a place. Created on the last night living in an old hometown, these photos capture the bittersweet feeling of leaving behind one life to begin another. As said by Navneet Kaur, “these photos look like old chalk drawings” – they were built to be nonspecific but packed full with emotion. Memories of beauty are often greater than the beauty itself, so let us remember the beauty of every home, every town, and every version of ourselves that has ever lived. I hope you see these photos and remember your home. I hope you see these photos and remember yourself.

Sam Duda is a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Having grown up and lived in many cities around the world, Sam draws their inspiration from the natural world and the beauty of people living in it. A writer by nature and an artist by design, Sam has spent 

much of their young and adult life creating pieces that attempt to capture and portray the positive forces of nature and life itself. 

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