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These hearts that beat slick new blood 

sell their boats and guns in the penny saver


wink wink nod nod love and kisses 

on your pretty pink parts 


if you don't know what's in the mail 

lay your neck out   


death makes back interest on us 

at the center of everything that's good 


get out of arrears with your holy something

is my advice  


once I, for instance, turned the Jesus  thirty three 

I decided to be an exceptional Male 


and maximize my calorie burning potential 

I outran a bad diet 


I trained to jump through candy glass 

I quit raising hell with a weight bench


a rifle safe 

tire swing sucked around my belly


the whole time  

eighty two grams in my hands


the whole time 

a dickey a cheat holster


the whole time 

a fourteen inch K bar knife 


aged into my chest

so you could canoe my breast 


and scream the sound

my amends make back into the hole 


I’ve told you them before  

but they since left me    


so I’m coming back around  

with word on what's good  


like it's brand new all over.

Zach Arnett was educated at Ball State University. His poems can be found in Red Ogre Review, Bending Genres, The Meadowlark Review, Stone of Madness and elsewhere. He works at the library.

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