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            I’ll start again— 

slower this time


            with less



A circle over time 

                         is a spiral.


             I pull a spider up 

from the shower drain


             to rest 

                         and find my spirit. 


             I walk circles—

slower each time


                        around a moon

passing the crater 


            of my body

and rocks carved:


             you’ve been here before—

                                      as if to say

go somewhere else—



             there is nowhere else 

to go.

Nicolette Ratz (she/her) is a Wisconsin-raised poet, naturalist, and MFA candidate in creative writing at Oregon State University. She uses poetry to explore, unearthing remnants of the self in bird calls, dreams, and ice. Her poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in The Citron Review, Ghost City Review, Bramble, Cider Press Review and The Meadow. 

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