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how to write a bird girl poem


step 1: google search anatomy 
     of an egg 
                              step 2: consider semipermeable membranes; 
porous shells; 
          step 3: define chalaze, and, blastodisc 
step 4: ponder egglessness 
                              step 5: recall results 
               of year old transvaginal ultrasound 
                              step 6: dig through files and find 
yes mhmm abnormal 
                 but not enough 
                                               step 7: imagine internal measurements; 
right ovary–3.6x2.7x1.8 cm , 
               estimated volume 9.1 mL , 
left ovary–2.8x2.0x3.8 cm , estimated volume 11.4 mL , 
                                              step 8: sit in your flesh and find yourself with fingers, feel fibroidous 
                                              or imagined 
                                                                                                                                 is this a knot or my egg sac 
    step 9: assess each passage of endometrium, admire blood stained toilet bowls, the way that

                          clotted uterine lining meets urine make wretched gorgeous sunsets 
                                                                   step 10: ask of yourself 
                                                        is this what makes me like or unlike a bird? 
step 11: google search 
                                             average size of healthy ovary / 
                why are my ovaries two different sizes / 
                                                                             will it always hurt / 
                                                                                                           what bird am i

Emma C. Fellows is a recent graduate from The New School’s Creative Writing MFA and is a Brooklyn based poet. She was born near Detroit and is a child of the Great Lakes. Emma enjoys birding, considering memory, is obsessed with her pet cat Nyx, and believes in ghosts.

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