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i was born a girl in a bird
body i was born a bird
in a girl body flightless

feathered plucked pink
translucent skin possessed by
the ability of speech

i can’t talk but i might
if my tongue is severed
crow style / magpie mimic

memory i’ve always loved
shining things what did you
pretty bird whistles

pretty good how are you
and i know there is the power
of flight in my hollow

bones but it is the flesh
of my breasts which
you will feast fat

and fast too much
like a human
keeping me

Emma C. Fellows is a recent graduate from The New School’s Creative Writing MFA and is a Brooklyn based poet. She was born near Detroit and is a child of the Great Lakes. Emma enjoys birding, considering memory, is obsessed with her pet cat Nyx, and believes in ghosts.

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