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Emily Liu

 Emily Liu is an artist from Illinois. She enjoys word puzzles, experimenting with media, and teaching her dog tricks. 

Through the Looking Glass.JPG

My work largely focuses on my relationships with others and myself. In "Consultation," a watercolor self portrait, I explore my interaction with society’s standards. As an Asian woman, I have often felt pressure to conform to more Eurocentric beauty standards, and have constantly felt the desire to change parts of my appearance in order to better fit them. This ties in with "Fourteen," also a watercolor depicting three versions of myself from a mirror’s point of view. Starting high school, I immediately felt extremely insecure and attempted to mold my appearance to fit with others. I found flaws where there weren’t any before, prodded at different parts of my body, and dabbled in truly awful makeup decisions. The final piece, "Through the Looking Glass," painted on layered plexiglass to give it a 3D look, explores my relationship with technology. As someone practically glued to their phone, I wanted to create a piece from technology’s point of view that reveals the monotony of my obsession. Ultimately, my art focuses on how I have interacted with the world around me, and how these experiences have shaped me. 

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